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The Beth-El Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 community non-profit in Milford, Connecticut focused on solving homelessness and hunger within the Greater Milford region. The Beth-El Center's mission is to extend dignity and respect to all individuals and families while connecting them to housing, food and services within their communities. Our vision is to create a community where everyone is home, and all are fed.

For the past 40 years, the Beth-El Center, Inc. has provided emergency food and shelter programs for the Greater Milford community. In the early 1980s, homelessness was considered a person's identity rather than an experience in their life. Today, the Center is about transformation. Through an outcome-based, data-driven, coordinated system, the Center works to improve the daily experience of homelessness and systematically end homelessness. While shelter saves lives, housing ends homelessness. The Beth-El Center is determined to create a space in which unhoused people can access the appropriate housing-specific and support services necessary to end their homelessness and prevent recidivism.

The Beth-El Center has committed to the expansion of our Center footprint, as a key part of our strategic plan. Our building plan aims to expand the Center's footprint by nearly 20,000/sq. ft. allowing us to add a 24/7 drop-in center, childcare resources, vocational training, and more adaptable meeting space to allow for onsite community partners, complementing our core programs and reducing barriers to those we serve. In addition, rather than congregate shelter, the Center will implement a micro-shelter model. Providing increased dignity, respect and security to the men, women, veterans and families in our emergency shelter program. Lastly, our building project incorporates 11 supportive housing units, focused on permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals. The current building design and space program developed as the basis for that plan can be found as an appendix to this proposal.

The Beth-El Center seeks to engage a Development Consultant to support the project management, financing and reporting needs of our forthcoming building project. The Beth-El Center has contracted with Paul B. Bailey Architect LLC. and Frank Vacca of BSC Group for our project design and engineering. Further, the Center has contracted with The Giving Collaborative as our Capital Campaign consultant. The Department of Housing has committed pre-development and construction support for this project, and the Center aims to leverage state and private support with other traditional development funding sources including but not limited to LIHTC, HTCC, NAA and CDBG.

Proposal submissions must include the following items:

STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS (submitted in the order below):
Scope of Work: Introduction and history of firm, description of organizational capacity and credentials of each team member working on this engagement. Descriptions of any consultants and their team members that might be involved with this engagement.

Community Engagement Experience: History of experience with Connecticut Department of Housing projects, working with non-profit organizations with similar mission and project goals.

Funding Experience: Description of past grant application and administrative services including the size or scale of prior grants. List experience with securing funding and financing for projects in Connecticut, over the past two years.

Project Examples: Please list and provide detailed information on up to 10 but no less than 2 similar development projects

Proposed Fee Schedule and hourly rates plus likely charged reimbursable expenses.

Professional References: No less than three company references

All proposals are due via e-mail by September 13, 2023, to:

Jennifer Paradis
Executive Director
Beth-El Center, Inc.
90 New Haven Avenue
Milford, CT 06460
(203)876-0747 X101

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