Program Staff Assistant

Title: Program Staff Assistant
Immediate Supervisor: Program Director
Status: Non-Exempt, Part-Time

SUMMARY: Responsible for general oversight of the shelter for the duration of shift. The counselor maintains the security of the shelter and safety of its residents. The counselor is responsible for providing administrative support to Case Managers and the Director of Programs and Facilities and direct services to Center residents as needed. Responsible for following up on facilities issues including repair requests and at times communication with facilities vendors as directed.

QUALIFICATIONS: Experience working with homeless or other disadvantaged population. Person needs to demonstrate maturity, good judgment and ability to respond quickly and calmly in crisis situations and to follow directions. Strong communications, conflict resolution skills, and crisis intervention skills are required, along with the ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks.


1. Answer phone, screen requests and field calls as appropriate only in the absence of the Office Assistant.
2. Maintain proper supervision and order within the shelter during the work shift.
3. Review events of the previous shift by reading of the Daily Log Book at the beginning of work shift and discuss w/case manager.
4. Maintain security of shelter and safety of all residents by:

a) handling any crisis situations in a calm manner & communicating
with supervisor(s) for guidance and/or direction.
b) discharging any resident who's behaviors due not align with Beth-El Center, Inc. House Rules.
c) calling the police (911) in the event of unruly/violent behavior
d) issuing warnings to residents as needed; notifying the Case Manager in writing.
e) Identify any individual at the door prior to admitting him/her to the center;
f) Conduct and record monthly fire drills as assigned.

5. Complete all necessary paperwork (ex: Admission and Discharge Support, Written Warnings, Etc.). Keep organized files.
6. Record any events in the Daily Log Book throughout and at the end of the shift.
7. Distribute and supervise recording of client medications as per medication protocol procedures.
8. Discuss issues/days events with next person coming on shift noting any special situations that may apply as and if scheduling allows.
9. Assist with outreach and engagement services and Case Management support as needed, providing data collection and general intake support.
10. Other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor and/or Executive Director.

To apply please send your cover letter and resume to

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