Couple Lives in Woods Until Finding Help at Beth-El Center

Paul, a Milford native, was an employed locally as an accountant when problems with a torn retina caused him to become legally blind and unable to work.

Paul and his wife Cheryl, a hairdresser who is unable to work due to back problems, were living with and caring for Paul's father who suffers from Alzheimer's. Once his father went to a nursing home, Paul and Cheryl were unable to pay the mortgage and condo fees and were evicted. They had nowhere to go and ended up living on the street and in the woods until Beth-El's Outreach & Engagement coordinator made contact with them.

"There are so many resources at the Beth El Center. We were helpless and hopeless," said Paul.

Beth-El Center provided the temporary shelter and housing search support they needed. Paul, Cheryl and their dog Misty stayed at the Beth El Center shelter for five months working with Demetre, one of our housing specialists, to find an apartment. Their only income was Paul's disability income which made it a challenge to find housing they could afford.

"Beth-El is a God-send! We lived in the woods with dozens of people before coming here. Beth El provides a safe haven and helped us regain our independence," said Paul. "Beth El Center provided us with the comfort and hope we didn't have."

Beth-El Center gave Paul and Cheryl a safe place to stay while helping them apply for Section 8 Housing and find an apartment they could afford to rent on Paul's disability income. Now they live in an apartment near the river in Shelton.

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