Staff Profile: Ruth Saint Vil, Director of Programs and Facilities

Working with her team to help clients succeed is Ruth Saint Vil's favorite part of her job. As Beth-El Center's Director of Programs and Facilities, working with the Center's Case Managers to optimize each shelter client's experience and outcome is an important and rewarding part of her position.

Ruth joined the Beth-El Center in 2018 as a Housing Specialist and was promoted to her current position in November of 2020. She oversees the day to day operations of the shelter and food programs which includes responsibility for a staff of sixteen people (including hiring and ongoing training) as well as maintenance of the facility at 90 New Haven Avenue in Milford.

According to Beth-El Center Executive Director Jenn Paraids, "Ruth's personality and professional experience brings everyone together. Her passion for data and for seeing staff and guests succeed in their housing goals helps us all in achieving our mission to make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring in Greater Milford."

Ruth's typical day is comprised of collecting data and statistics in order to create important measurement reports. She holds staff meetings to get updates on the Center's shelter clients and to offer assistance to the Case and Housing Managers. Currently, she spends half of her time at the Motel 6, where shelter residents are staying during the pandemic, to educate and directly support these clients.

According to Ruth "I'm interested in implementing new strategies that will extend our client programs, finding helpful resources that we can bring on and making sure that the Center is running optimally."

Moving into her new job during the pandemic has been a huge transition but one the Ruth has welcomed and finds very satisfying. "I love my job and I love the team of people I work with," says Ruth. "Jenn Paradis' leadership inspires me and with her support I'm able to do my job and learn something new every day."

Previously, Ruth worked in New York as a housing specialist. She has a BS in political science from Western CT State University and this May will be completing her MBA with concentration in public administration. Her son Anderson, just turned one on March 12.

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