September Programs for Beth-El Center Clients/Patrons

Beth-El Center's programs and workshops for September are open for registration to anyone who utilizes the Center's services.
All Beth-El Center residents, soup kitchen patrons or outreach and engagement clients can participate in these informative programs:
Sept 6th- Ruth will present on how to be a good tenant in the Soup Kitchen. She will discuss your rights and responsibilities for your new apartment.
Sept 7th-Haircuts will be provided in the Chapel. Please use the sign-up sheet at the RC desk.( ONLY FOR RESIDENTS OF EMERGENCY SHELTER)
Sept 12th- Take a journey with Teresa in the Soup Kitchen to discuss how to journal and free your thoughts down on paper.
Sept 19th- The Patriots are coming...Patriot Bank that is to discuss financial literacy- Your Money, Your Goals by Robert Creigh.
Sept 23rd- Nicole will be presenting on SOAR, explaining what it is and the benefit of using SOAR to assist you in receiving social security benefits.

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